Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Prayer for Social Workers

Bless them in the work they do for our patients, residents and clients across the system. They are advocates for those we serve and their families with the staff and physicians. 

Social Workers lend themselves to listening not only with their ears but with their hearts to determine the myriad of needs to be filled. They are educators and provide direction to those in need as our residents, clients, patients and families attempt to maneuver through the complexities of health care.

As an integral part of the team they provide the bridge to outside resources and services so that those we serve may benefit from uninterrupted care and are enabled to continue their healing.

We ask You to protect each of them to provide them with sufficient grace to be your hands and feet as they care for our mothers and their children, the elderly, the sick and dying and all Your children with special needs.

Written by the Pastoral Care staff at Holy Redeemer Hospital. 

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